What does “Condominium” mean?

“The system of ownership by which condominiums operate, in which owners have full title to the individual apartment or house and an undivided interest in the shared parts of the property.”


🌆 Buying a condo can be a great option for many. Living in a complex where the exterior is maintained for you can give you the ease of being able to lock the doors and know that you don’t need to hire landscaping/snow removal etc. Paying condo fees to a corporation also gives you the peace of mind that if the roof/windows/siding etc needs replacing or repair, the cost will come from the reserve fund that you have been paying into rather than footing the cost on your own. Of course there can be situations where the corporation may not have the funds necessary, however by doing our due diligence before the purchase we can try to avoid these scenarios.


Purchasing a condo is quite different than buying a single family home. Before purchasing ensure you have considered the following items:

🔹Home Inspections

🔹Condo Document Inspections

🔹How much are the condo fees?

🔹Are there any utilities included in the condo fees?

🔹What is the pet policy?

🔹Is parking and/or storage assigned or titled? Underground or above ground?

🔹Is the complex owned as bareland or conventional?

🔹Who is the management company?

🔹Will the bylaws affect how you plan on living in the unit?

🔹Will visitor parking be an issue?

🔹Are there any on-site amenities?


If you have any questions about buying or selling condos, please reach out!

Krystal Jessome
Coldwell Banker Fort McMurray