Single Family: Buyer's Market

Sales are down to 42 in August from 45 in July

Currently in a buyer's market with 8.8 months of inventory 

Average days on market is up to 75 from 53 DOM in July 

Inventory YTD is up 23% from this time last year

Number of Sales YTD is down 3% from this time last year

AVG price $520,239 is slightly lower from July at $552,781


Condo Apartment: Seller's Market

It’s starting to change over to a soft seller's market with 3.12 months of inventory 

Number of Sales: 17 in August with 18 in July

Number of Sales is up 9% YTD over 2021

Average Price has increased to $125,000 over $119,500 in July


Townhomes: Buyer's Market 

Inventory is about the same 51 & 53

Buyer's market currently sits at 5.1 months of inventory which is down from July at 8.83 months

Days on Market has increased to 46 from 34 in July 

Average Sale Price is $ 268,340 which has increased from July's $217,817

Inventory Numbers have increased 32 % from YTD August 2021 to 2022

YTD sales numbers are up 5% over 2021


Mobile Homes with Land: Just into a buyer's market

Inventory has increased from 3.4 to 6.13 months 

Average Sales Price decreased slightly $ 249,000 in August to $273,000 in July

YTD sales numbers up 31% over 2021

Inventory 62 from 65

Days on Market in August has increased slightly to 60 from 54 in July


Duplex: Buyer's Market

Buyer's market with 8.4 months of inventory

An increase in Days on Market to 89 in August from 59 in July

Average Sale price  decreased to $306,000 from $358,800

Sales numbers have increased 42% over last year.


OVERALL Market: (All inventory: Single Family, Condo Apt, Townhome, Mobile, Duplex)

It is currently a buyers market with 6.93 months of inventory up from 6.31 in July

We have seen an increase in Days on Market in August where we sit at 66 from 49 in July

Average Sales Price has decreased to $365,252 from $383,717 in August

YTD Inventory has increased 11% over last year

Sales numbers surpassed last year by 4% 


Krystal Jessome
Coldwell Banker Fort McMurray