Single Family: Buyer's Market

Sales are down to 45 in July from 72 sales in June

Currently in a buyer's market with 7.89 months of inventory 

Average days on market is up to 75 from 33 days on market in June 

Inventory YTD is up 31.55% from this time last year

Number of Sales YTD has increased by 2.29% from this time last year

Average sale price is $546,021 which is 4.7% higher than 2021


Condo Apartment: Seller's Market

Seller's market with 2.89 months of inventory 

Number of Sales: 18 in July, 23 in June

Number of Sales is up 6.41% YTD over 2021

Average Price has increased to $133,941, a 17% increase from 2021


Townhomes: Buyer's Market 

Inventory rose from 41 to 52

Buyer's market currently sits at 8.67 months of inventory which is up from June at 2.93 months of inventory

Days on Market has increased to 26 from 23 in June

Average Sale Price is $222,542 

Inventory Numbers have decreased by 5.88%

YTD sales numbers are up 30.77% over 2021


Mobile Homes with Land: Balanced Market

Continues to be a balanced market with 4.4 months of inventory

Average Sales Price decreased by 10% to $253,461

YTD sales numbers up 26% over 2021

Inventory has stayed relatively the same with 67 in June and 66 in July

Days on Market in July has increased slightly to 56 from 30 in June


Duplex: Buyer's Market

Buyer's market with 6.4 months of inventory

An increase in Days on Market to 59 in July from 41 in June

Average Sale price decreased by 0.5% to $390,715

Year to date inventory is up 44% over last year

Sales numbers have increased by 25% over last year.


OVERALL Market: (All inventory: Single Family, Condo Apt, Townhome, Mobile, Duplex)

Sitting at 6.32 months of inventory overall

Days on Market increased from June at 36 to 59 in July

Average YTD sales price has increased by 1.2% to $399,083

32 listings in total, up from 29 in June

YTD Inventory is up 25.57% over last year

Sales numbers are up 6.31% over last year