The overall market has increased in inventory by over 100 properties April 2022 to May 2022.  It's still a soft seller’s market with 3.73 months of inventory.  


Single family

78 sales in May, 95 in April 

soft seller’s market 3.73 months of inventory

54 DOM up from 47 in April '22

Inventory YTD up 11% to this time last year

sales YTD up 14.78% to this time last year

YTD AVG price $553,831 up 6.1%


Condo Apt

Condo market slowed down from last month’s hot seller’s market with 1.93 months of inventory to a balanced market of 4.38 months of inventory

Sales 16, down from 27 in April  '21

Inventory down 9.6% YTD over 2021

Sales up 20% YTD over 2021

AVG Price up 15% YTD $131,319



Last month there were only 14 townhomes for sale, now there are 36

The hot seller’s market has turned into a buyer's market with 6.3 months of inventory in May 2022

DOM 30

AVG $ $226,354 YTD up 17% over 2021

Inventory down 5%

YTD sales are up 9% over 2021


Mobile Homes with Land

Soft seller’s market with 3.15 months of inventory 

May AVG sale price $266,076 

YTD sales up 37%

Inventory up 16%

DOM 79 up from April 


Duplex for sales north of the bridge (there isn't a lot activity in the rest of the city)

Hottest market category with 1.5 months of inventory

37 DOM

AVG YTD price $401,249

29 listings

Inventory is up 60% over last year

Sales are up 7% over last year